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We show you how to store suff

Advanced Office Systems, Inc. has been providing storage systems to Northern California business’s, since 1970. We provide the right storage solution for your need. If it can be handled simply, we will say so. If it has never been done before we’ll invent a new solution for you!

We provide cost-effective solutions which improve an organization's ability to handle small items, parts, tools and dies in manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutions and warehouse environments.

Vertical Lifts
The Remstar Shuttle® XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and a series of computerized controls that delivers items to an ergonomically positioned workstation. The VLM automatically locates and retrieves stored items with a push of a button or a scan of a bar code.

Several Shuttle VLMs can be placed side-by-side or back-to-back to form a compact and efficient automated storage and retrieval system. Remstar’s CubeStar® technology combines hardware and controls to give the Shuttle VLM up to 50 percent more storage capacity than Vertical Lift Modules without CubeStar technology.
Shelving Systems
Filing Systems

Take Control of Your Storage With Ease,
with the help of Advanced Office Systems!

Through our affiliation with KardexRemstar we can focus on meeting today’s and tomorrow’s business needs. Advanced Office Systems, Inc. provides “common sense” automated solutions to help exceed each industry’s benchmark for floor space utilization, productivity increases, and worker ergonomics with our product offering.

It's Time for Solutions!

Advanced Office Systems, Inc. gives you power to store your stuff!
Today’s warehouse and distribution centers are faced with a higher number of orders with lower SKU counts – a direct result of customers demanding smaller, more frequent deliveries. Warehouse and distribution centers are struggling to meet demand while maintaining profit margins - a challenge that can only be met with added speed and accuracy. 
Designed to meet the special needs of the federal government, our solutions keep critical inventory secure and available to the right people. Our solutions provide efficient handling of small parts inventory, maintenance and benchstock parts, deployment gear, sensitive items and critical files in a secure and compact footprint - improving the combat readiness of your location.
As manufacturers are using more and more automation to increase manufacturing productivity, having the parts in stock to service and maintain the production line directly impacts the bottom line. Increasing productivity on the manufacturing floor coupled with the large investment required in production line automation has made the maintenance stockroom a critical part of the manufacturing process.


We review your current operation to establish needs, review applications, and propose methods for enhancing your storage/retrieval operations and work processes.


We will take information obtained during the consultation as well as subsequent meetings and design a solution that addresses your specific needs. 


We have a staff of factory trained and certified technicians that will unpack, deliver, assemble, configure, and test all products we provide. All of our installation services are conducted under our California Contractors License.


Allows us to ensure that the equipment is in productive condition at all times, eliminating non-productive downtime, extending equipment life, and attaining maximum return on investment.


Our Amazing Team Produces Results

Gary Hatfield
Gary Hatfield/ President and CEO /
Gary wears many hats at Advanced Office Systems but his true passion is providing services that surpass customer expectations.
Vicki Hatfield
Vicki Hatfield/ Controller /
Vicki oversees all of the financial and accounting functions at Advanced Office Systems.
Brian Hatfield
Brian Hatfield/ Senior Installer /
Brian is a skilled millwright with experience repairing, testing, and maintaining mechanical equipment. He's an expert in identifying the causes of mechanical problems and repairing equipment or replacing defective parts as needed.
Greg Bunting
Greg Bunting/ Senior Installer /
Greg is a seasoned and resourceful millwright with an exceptional customer service record. He's a passionate professional with a determination to maintain a fully operational and safe work environment.
Advanced Office Systems


Companies we work with have some of the following issues with their operations:

  • Misplaced or lost materials affecting operational efficiency and overhead costs.
  • Shipping or inventory accuracy is below 99%.
  • Run out of space within your existing facility and have limited abilities to expand.
  • Workers have been injured putting or pulling materials.
  • Material has been damaged or expired?
  • Order pickers spend more time traveling and searching through storage shelves and racks than they spend picking orders?
  • Inefficient product handling slow, medium and fast movers are put and pulled from the same storage systems increasing operational costs per line item transaction.
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  • Vertical Lifts
  • industrial Shelving and Racks
  • Vertical Carousels
  • Horizontal Carousels
  • Materials Control Software
  • Movable Shelving Systems


  • Automated Storage and Retrieval
  • File Shelving
  • Rotary Files
  • Multi-Format Media Storage
  • Software Systems
  • File Folder Systems & Supplies


  • L & T Open Shelving
  • Bolt-Type Cantilever Shelving
  • Library Shelving
  • Wide Span Shelving
  • Classic Stack Shelving
  • Wire Shelving
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Automotive Shelving
  • L & T Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Industrial Rack Systems
  • MetroMax iQ Shelving
  • Weapons Storage

Company Highlights

  • Family owned and operated since 1970
  • California Green Business
  • Charter member of ISDA
  • Exclusive Authorized Kardex-Remstar
  • California Certified Small Business
  • Certified Installers

Company Goals

Provide Excellent Solutions and Services
Customer Satisfaction
Corporate and Social Responsibility


Founded upon the idea of finding better ways for our clients to file, store, and retrieve information and material. For over forty years we have been working with Northern California business, government, and educational communities to design systems that provide cost effective solutions.


Our mission is to provide services that surpass our customer's expectations through a work environment focused on professionalism and a dedication to quality.  During those years we have built a reputation for high quality products and services. As a charter member of the International Systems Dealers Association (ISDA) and Exclusive Dealer for KardexRemstar Systems, Inc., we also represent approximately 100 additional manufacturers, making it possible to create custom storage solutions

At Advanced Office Systems we provide support services for all aspects of the products we carry.

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